Thursday, January 25, 2007

Hillary Is Just Alright By Me

I keep throwing it out and it just keeps coming right back like a mangy pup -- my Hillary-leaning that is. I've always liked her for her ill-concealed conservatism I suppose. Takes one to know one. From The Economist today:

The saner American left is at last waking up to the fact that Hillary was never the radical firebrand of conservative caricature. She has always been pro-business (her much demonised health-care reforms rejected the Canadian single-payer model and enjoyed the support of many businesses that were worried about escalating health care costs). She has always been deeply religious, and even contemplated becoming a Methodist minister. She supported welfare reform. If the right regards her as a Trojan horse for left-wing liberalism, the left regards her as a Trojan horse for corporate Clintonism.

Hillary-hatred is a double problem for the Republicans. It blinds them to Mrs Clinton's strengths: many Republicans live in such a conservative cocoon that they think no sensible American will ever vote for the she-devil. And it brings out everything that is most noxious and misogynistic about the right. Hillary-haters may look forward to reading Jonah Goldberg's forthcoming book, “Liberal Fascism: the Totalitarian Temptation from Mussolini to Hillary Clinton”, but most people just laugh. Hillary-haters may applaud when Jerry Falwell says that a Hillary candidacy would motivate his constituency more than Satan himself. Most people take it as a sign of derangement.

Yepper... or the "Psycho Christian Right", as termed by Peachtree Screed. Full article here. (So Erik at PP, you with me on this one? Heh heh.)


possum said...

You think her highness might come up with a position on the Iraq War before 2008? Whassup with THAT??

Harley Davidson said...

I like Hillary, and I would vote for her.. But I'm just worried that the Dems are AGAIN going to find a way to self-destruct any viable candidate.. I fear of a Obama-Hillary Showdown that ends up weakening the party as a whole. I just hope the Dems can get it together this time. On a side note, how do you view McCain in this??

possum said...

McCain is a right-wing warmonger totally out of touch with American anti-war sentiment. Wait! Hillary is also out of touch with anti-war sentiment!

Of course, I'll vote for Hillary if she's the Democratic nominee. Two more years of Bush and there won't be a Republican Party.

possum said...

Frank Rich gives Hillary a new hiney in today's Times.