Thursday, January 11, 2007

Woe To Ladies Who Lunch... and Blog

Wonder if W will divert a few of those "escalated" troops down South? I could use a few good men about right now. Woke up to the news that I'm being threatened by religious extremists. And I'm not even a Sunni! Just Episcopalian. And although I deeply appreciate Rusty and Doug blogging about it, would it not have been the White Knight kinda thing to actually pick-up the phone and call to let me know I was being threatened out there all alone in the wilds of the blogosphere? Typical ... none of 'em ever call. And I know their mommas raised them to do better.

I will alert the proper authorities -- the media. Then do lunch, of course. With my lawyer.

1 comment:

possum said...

Those bastards should have called. I think they are embarrassed now. Probably too plugged into blogging to think about picking up the old phone.