Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Can I Get A Code Red, Brother?

It's just not funny anymore. Traffic conditions in Atlanta are at a crisis point. I'll let Rev. Screed preach it 'cause nobody does a traffic rant better than the Rev. Can a get a prayer cloth to go with that? Unbelievable. There should be a screeching-halt moratorium on EVERYTHING in Atlanta until our leaders come to their traffic-related senses.


David 2 said...

Traffic has been a problem for YEARS because NOBODY in the Gold Dome has the courage to put the DOT in their place. And we as voters don't make it a big enough issue to demand it. We just tell them "fix the dang problem" and leave it at that. Meanwhile more and more people are making the STUPID mistake of moving further and further away from the city and then expecting all of their creature comforts to follow them. You want to do something about traffic? Do what I did... move closer to work!

elementaryhistoryteacher said...

The past two days have been awful with several deaths on the road. You may have heard about the terrible accident west of Atlanta where a grandmother, grandfather, and their granddaughter were killed. They are all from the community where I teach. My highschool intern was a good friend to the grandaughter. Instead of clogged traffic this accident was caused by speed. Not only does the DOT need to get their act together many of us, me included, need to slow down.