Thursday, January 18, 2007

My Bedroom For An Original Thought

Seems Bobby Lefsetz is getting awfully close to the mind of George Will who's quoting Brian Williams. Heck, these dudes' utter lack of originality is almost as bad as handing out trophies to little kids!

First there was Mr. Will in the Washington Post in full clueless prattle about the evil of blogging:
Time's issue includes an unenthralled essay by NBC's Brian Williams, who believes that raptures over the Web's egalitarianism arise from the same impulse that causes today's youth soccer programs to award trophies -- "entire bedrooms full" -- to any child who shows up: "The danger just might be that we miss the next great book or the next great idea, or that we will fail to meet the next great challenge . . . because we are too busy celebrating ourselves and listening to the same tune we already know by heart."

Then along comes Bobby who's at least not half as clueless as Will and a whole lot funnier if not any more original:

If you believe they are, sadly, you’re on a completely different page from me. This reminds me of the baby boomers’ kids, ALL of whom got trophies for playing in the soccer league, even if their team ended up in last place. I mean can’t we draw the line ANYWHERE anymore? Does EVERYBODY have to get in? Are we afraid of hurting every last person’s feelings?

Lordy hon, if Brian Williams is setting the intellectual tone, we are all soooo screwed.


Rusty said...

What a raging hunk of shit that Brian Williams column was. I mentioned it in passing during drunk blogging. People actually ripped that off?

Maybe if I piss in a blender, mix in a cup of flour, hit puree, smear the concoction all over my keyboard, and hit enter, a Washington Post columnist will rip me off.

Grayson said...

Fuckin' hilarious, Rusty! You'd get a trophy in my bedroom just for that one comment alone. Then again, I hand 'em out like candy...