Thursday, January 18, 2007

On Pine Trees In The Winter Wind...

There is given an assurance of gardenias come spring.

The women of Tres Chicas will play you a redolent, harmonized world you'd find, perhaps by invitation only, in a garden obscured with vines of jasmine and ivy, worn stones and brick. Their deliberate, blended voices lure you into a feminine place lush with longing and lust and heartbreak and love, always love, mesmerizing you with a wave here and there of salt air from the ocean to remind you of how you will walk alone and onward, no matter how overgrown the darker path might be.

For the Chicas' womanly path is always strewn with broken dreams and promises never made, and leads to a garden of solitude and fortitude fragrant with tea olive and live oaks in silvery moonlight, glints of renewed dreams and senses and pools of Carolina light to waken to. A clink of the finest crystal by the fountain when you turn to see who might have joined you there inside the garden walls under the moon.

The Chicas, now on tour with their new album, Bloom Red and The Ordinary Girl, are a sound of Southern womanhood. Their strong, lingering harmonizing wafts and colors a room as dingy dark and stinking of disgusting bathroom deodorizer as even the hideous Smith's bar tonight in Atlanta, turning your head, if not the room, into a faded rose-patterned wallpaper tangle of memories and meadows of a North Carolina summer valley. They can play you into your heritage, your hopes, your summers. But mostly your longing. So walk clearly down to the river and renew your southern goth ways with some ivory lingerie, a bottle of champagne and a listen to Bloom Red and The Ordinary Girl.


tribalecho said...

OMG. Dear Spacey. I'm so glad I was looking through my blogga bookmarks and decided I should come see what you were up to.

It's been about a year now that I've made compilations of music I'd hoped could grab a lot of people and have looked for a place for their song, A Man Of The People, to be a part of it. So far it hasn't worked out. Partially because the demographic I was going for was so wide, and partly because, well, mostly everyone I know in my narrow life hates the crap outta politics. Still, fabulous band.

Thanks for bringing them up !

ps. Emusic ?

Grayson said...

Tribal Echo? Emusic? And you are? Musty brain needs clarification! Too much wine lately.

tribalecho said...

Hi Grayson. Sorry I thought I'd stopped by and done a brief intro and comment once before. tribalecho's just the screen name of this ole gal down in East Point. I'm pretty sure that I first ran across and downloaded this album from It's a great place to mine for gems. Damn. They were in town !!
Don't get around much any more but I guess it would help if I actually looked at the listings once in awhile.

tribalecho said...

I just watched your Olmstead video. Very nice work.
Especially liked the shots of socks and feet. Geoff Muldaur did a lot with feet to great effect and affect.

Also found a gem of his at emusic. Found a version of Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You that I had been yearning for for many years because I only have it on vinyl and don't know how to convert that stuff.

Grayson said...

The camera dude on that one was John Bullard of Lipflap Productions, Atlanta. He does beautiful work, when not yapping. But I can't cast too many stones about in THAT glass house!

tribalecho said...

Oh honey, I know how that is. Trying not to interrupt people is one of my main jobs.

I'm usually trying to agree or commiserate but that doesn't make it any less annoying.

So do tell about the show? Tres Chicas?