Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Can We Get An X?

Since I'm way too busy running hysterically about the playground in full liberal rant (still LOL-ing over that one too), I just don't make the time for myself that I know I should for more porn in my life. Damn kids. So tell me, my more porn-active pals, is Sienna Miller's new movie, Factory Girl, now a gen-u-ine porn flick? All I know is I can't wait to see it! Sienna is utterly drop-dead adorable, although I hope she's doing the "real" act with a character who's supposed to be modeled after Bob Dylan and not that creepy Andy Warhol. I don't think anyone of any gender ever really had sex with Warhol. Or maybe they did. Hell if I know, I was, like, 6 at the time, and adults back then were all just really, really strange.


Amber said...

You should see Shortbus.

Re: "what's porn" and "what isn't porn," you might enjoy this blog post.

possum said...

Well if Sienna actually does the wild thing in her movie, I hope it's with a guy and not a HORSE like Hollis writes about in her column this week. My God. And then Harry Potter is starch nekkid on stage in London. Is nothing sacred?