Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Eat Your Laws

BTW, the hot place to see and be seen for lunch, do a little biz, gossip up a storm, eat too, during this start of the Gold Dome session is, of all places, that hipster joint Six Feet Under on Memorial. I thought I'd swing by for a quick bite on the way home from Legi-Fest '07 (see entry below) yesterday, but I simply could not get in the door for all the reps and white male suits and lobbyistas and more vaguely leering but mostly just-suits trying to look nonchalantly like Important White Men-O-Power blocking my right of way. Nary a tattoo in the lot! Least none anyone other than a femme lobbyist would be privy to. The p-lot was crammed with vehicles, some illegally parked, bearing backwater county plates such as Coffee and Sumter and Appling. And the ubiquitous "Sonny" sticker, of course. Think I'll stick with LB (Lower Buckhead), my side 'o town, for lunching with my Enquirer.

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possum said...

Honkies got to eat catfish, lady!