Sunday, January 21, 2007

Nobody Does It Better

No one can keep women in a perpetual state of hysteria better than our Dear Lord Jesus Christ. Ever since He stepped foot on the planet, women have been doing really odd things to themselves in His name.

The latest I-Love-Jesus-More-Than-You trend is the "Heritage Doll" - used to frame the "post-abortion syndrome" debate and to manipulate the most emotionally vulnerable women in our society: those in prison.

I can't decide who's committing the biggest sin here: the "Heritage Doll" maker, Rhonda Arias, 0r the lawmakers and officials who allow her access to the penal system to let her ply her vile, sick trade in hysteria and manipulation. From today's NYTimes Magazine cover story, Is There A Post-Abortion Syndrome?:

She (Arias) instructed the women (in prison) to stand up, speak in memory of their lost babies and take their heritage dolls to the altar. The women stood one by one. They clutched their dolls and said they were sorry. They imagined a baby with his father’s dimple or curly hair or green eyes. One woman mentioned a child who had been born and taken into state custody, and the woman who kissed the pictures of her daughters sent them her love. For the most part, though, the messy mothering of living children — and the reality of their lives outside the prison — did not intrude on the ceremony. The women focused on mourning the elusive, innocent loss represented by the dolls. They gave them fairy-tale names: Sarah Jewell, Angel Pillow, Xavier Dante. At a side table, Kimbrough and Harper wrote the names on certificates for children “expected to be born.” The documents promised, “By virtue of being conceived, the spirit of this child lives eternally with Jesus and in the heart and the mind of the mother, now and forevermore.”

Ahhh... the eternal comedy of abortion morality issues. And we haven't even gotten to the funny political gig yet! Someone at the NYT online edition has a delightful sense of humor though. They put a feature on Sarah Silverman just across from the shot of the heritage doll. I chortled long time over that. But only when my anger and disgust subsided.

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