Monday, January 29, 2007

Seeds and Stems

Podcast about SoCon07 here. Registration is now closed for SoCon07 though, but check back as the dates, February 9 & 10th, get closer as space might free-up at the last minute. Press will always be welcomed warmly in regardless of registrant status.

Amber and Rusty are back from BlogSavannah. Check their blogs for info about that un-con as we head to Podcamp Atlanta in March.

Anglicans get to Code Red desperation; use WorldMouth-worship to lure spectators. I went to a U2-crist once. It was kinda cool, but you didn't hear that from me. Brangelina next? Or have they been beamed to World 'O Scientology by now, too? Let's make Mars a Scientology-celebrity dump, eh NASA?

Traffic remains a bit of an issue in metro Atlanta. Money wasted. Lots of it. Exurbanista can't get to faux barns on time.

A fellow vid-questioneer for Arianna Huffington trippin' through Davos was Hue and Cry front man, Pat Kane. They've got a new album out soon.

Our Senator Saxby didn't have no YouTube Q&A. To Saxby: that's soooo lame, dude Senator. It's like 2007 and shit. What the hell are you doing traipsing around Switzerland unless you can show your constituents back home what a clueless old fart you are, like right away on YouTube? And what corporate jet got you to and from Davos, eh?

And that's it for Monday. Brrrrr... it's cold out there in the ATL. Look for more YouTube-ing from me in the coming week. That last one was really fun. Of course Biggy S. cranks out another report from Miami World O'News Headquarters, this time all the latest YouTube news. Gawd, I feel like I personally know whatshisname, Chad, by now as I've watched him via Jeff Jarvis' channel more than I ever really needed to.

Bundle up. This post put together to the same-'ole WABE droid-tunes as spun by Lois Rietzes. She can go to Mars with the Scientologists.

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