Monday, January 22, 2007

The Mind Of A Cell Phone... And Other Mobility Issues

I blog what I know. Since I don't get out of The Deep South much, I blog mostly about that. What I don't know is the rest of the world. From the looks of this fascinating blog, Future Perfect, by a Nokia researcher, Jan Chipchase, the world is simply one big cell phone issue. In a way, this is the oddest blog I've come across yet -- for that reason.

I was particularly fascinated by the deep-fried, succulent no doubt, rat dinner in China. I can't say that one made me rush to see if I still had a current passport. And honestly, the rest of the world seems so strange, from this blog's perspective, that I don't know if I really want to leave my American comfort zone anytime soon. After all, I am continually offended by the sight of hijabs in my own backyard.

Maybe some of us just aren't made to go global. Do we always need to? Have to? Especially now that we can just click to a blogger passing through Tehran.

(Note to Jan: If I was a cell phone manufacturer, I wouldn't want to overlook the massive Praise Jesus culture that invades not only daily life here in The South, but our laws. Not when you could be offering the Heritage Doll wallpaper. See below.)

Speaking of cell phones, there's a delightful little fuzz going on over at the AJC about 24. As mentioned by Panda's Keeper, the best part of that show is Jack Bauer's cell phone. It takes numerous hits for team and country and still keeps at it, never faltering. Just like Jack. I want me one of those cell phones. Then maybe I too will be a better American. I love that show.

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