Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Keep An Eye On HB1

All of you Georgia bloggers who are keeping an eye on our current legislative process, you lucky dogs, please let me know if there's any news about our HB1's, hopefully lack of, progress/news in the Legislature. Even though I blogged my impressions about an initial hearing for HB1, I don't follow politics as much as I do culture and media issues, so often Georgia's wide world of psycho political items can slip through my cracks, even pro-choice issues. So I need some backup in the Gold Toilet Bowl Dome.

Emily Bazelon, a Slate.com editor and indie reporter who wrote this week's key NYTimes Magazine cover story: Is There A Post-Abortion Syndrome?, has expressed interest in our lovely little HB1 and its (the bill) ties to the Justice Foundation. (The Justice Foundation, and the things they do, was critical to her cover story.) So help me help her stay on top of this bill. Thanks!

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