Friday, March 09, 2007

Atlanta Overpowers The World

First we ravage Boston, time now to show-up NYC! Total 80's-in-the-ATL revival show. Hon, lemme tell you... those were some freaky, freaky days. Few survived. But I did! See all you other six 80's-still-alives there no doubt.

Prize to first commenteer who can tell me who was in Wee Wee Pole. (Deliverable at show.)

UPDATE: We have a winner! See pretty little comments place. Only thing is, now I can't be there for this. I'm trying not to cry about it though. But talk about disappointment. Sigh.

Wednesday, March 14th
Eyedrum Gallery
290 MLK Jr. Drive South
(Memorial & Hill)

Watch a promo vid here.


Amber said...

I'm not sure if I'll make it to this since it's 2 days before PodCamp... but I interviewed the founder of PinkEye a few weeks ago. (We also work together.) Podcast here. We rant a bit about old media.

newmediajim said...

Todd Butler, RuPaul, Robert Burke Warren and Klimchack (i cheated, i googled)

Grayson said...

Damn... I'd forgotten all of 'em, except for RuPaul. Would deliver the prize personally, however...