Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Communication Overload Causes Mom To Scowl

My kid just totally techno-punked me. A sign of things to come fer sure. Was trying to have a serious busy-ness coversation with someone, on a cell, while kid was supposed to be quietly finishing homework. Kid decided she needed mommy-input right that moment, or rather for mommy to just get the heck off the phone and do kid's homework for her.

Seeing that mommy was NOT going to be interrupted from yet another boring (for kid) conversation (one that could potentially supply income to household) to pay undivided attention to her, kid just utilized another communication device to call and try to interrupt her mother's conversation, from another room.

I scowled and ignored incoming call. After finishing call and lecturing kid about interrupting busy grownups, she just pointed to a messaging device where I immediately listened to a message -- about how kid needed help with homework.

I finally put aside all communication devices and helped with the damn homework. Jeez, the more we communicate, the more needy we get!

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newmediajim said...

just be glad she didn't twitter you! ;-)