Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Map It. Map It Good.

I heart the Internet. Reason #674: because I can always crack myself up. Just noticed that this Chicago crime stats site, with built-in mapping, has a Gambling category. So if we duped this concept over for Atlanta and then clicked-on Gambling, would all those little blue crime keys light-up on James' street?! That thought for some stupid reason just has me ROFLing -- yeah yeah, I'm easily amused.

Speaking of mapping, the Twittervision thing is kinda weirding me out. And someone suggested I use DodgeBall. Now that just cracked me the fuck up!

Sure, I'll jump right to it, along with those hordes of adorable, frisky 20-something gals with impeccable implants alerting every gadget-monkey with a ______ as to their delightfully frisky whereabouts at some totally swank, ultra-lit martini bar during hipster hours I haven't even seen since, well, staying-up for feedings during the infant years.

I am sure the world awaits the whereabouts of a cranky 40-something soccer mom with absolutely no interest in showing-off tattoos and cleavage she doesn't even have. They could find me and my mesmerizing gripes about city government, after-school activities and the Disney Channel right there at the Publix or the soccer field! With a once-a-year swerve over to the EAYC at best. Talk about sending people fleeing after boring them to tears.

I need a drink.

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