Saturday, March 24, 2007

BLOG TAG!!!! Seven Songs I Like

I just got tagged by New Media Jim for a list of Seven Fave Songs. Jim was tagged by Jeff Pulver, who was tagged by Chris Brogan, who was tagged by 7-year old Aidan. (Aidan, I'll add some of Ava's, another 7-year old's, faves for you in the Young American Hipster set.)

Ava's Mom's List:

1.) Ballad of Easy Rider -- The Byrds
2.) Don't Want To Live On The Moon -- Ernie
3.) Free World -- Kirsty MacColl
4.) Hoover Dam -- Sugar
5.) Wendell Gee -- R.E.M.
6.) Look On the Bright Side of Life -- Life of Brian soundtrack
7.) Downtown - Petula Clark

Ava's List:

1.) Why Wait -- Cheetah Girls
2.) Get Your Head In The Game -- High School Musical soundtrack
3.) All In This Together -- High School Musical soundtrack
4.) Not Ready To Make Nice -- The Dixie Chicks
5.) Kim Possible theme song - Kim Possible show
6.) Hannah Montana theme song -- Billy Ray Cyrus' daughter
7.) Harry Potter theme song -- Harry Potter soundtrack

I now tag five others, in no particular order: Tim, Bob Mould, Josh, Amber, Sara.


Chris Brogan said...

What a great pair of lists! Thanks for playing! : )

Amber said...

Only seven? God, this is hard. I like whole shit ton of songs! I guess I'll just pick 7 at random, in no particular order.

Sara said...

That's pretty much what I did, Amber. Just opened iTunes and listed the first 7 that jumped out.