Thursday, March 01, 2007

What's In Your Bunker?

From The Nation:

On taking office, Dick Cheney promptly began to set up a vice-presidential office that essentially mimicked, and then to some extent replaced, the National Security Council (NSC). Just as promptly, his office plunged itself into utter, blinding secrecy--as journalist Robert Dreyfuss discovered when he simply tried to chart out who was working in this new center of power. No information, it turned out, could be revealed to a curious reporter, not even the names and positions of those who worked for the Vice President, those who, theoretically, were working for us. Cheney's office would not even publicly acknowledge its own employees, no less let them be interviewed.

Lordy, for all we know Britney Spears is in there shaving her head. Full article here. Let the SGR know what you think's in Shooter's bunker! In our pretty little comments place, of course.

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