Friday, March 16, 2007

"Everything I Write Has A Soundtrack"

This interview from Between The Lines (here as a podcast) kept me in the car long after I'd reached my destination, listening with fascination. Author David Fulmer has written a mystery novel, Dying Crapshooter's Blues, that incorporates Atlanta myths and legends -- and Atlanta's rich music history.

This podcast with Fulmer talking about Dying Crapshooter's Blues is from the book discussion show Between The Lines on WABE. In the interview, Fulmer talks about Atlanta's significant role in the birth of the modern music industry, something I previously knew nothing about.

Between The Lines is hosted by the delightful Valerie Jackson, Atlanta's former First Lady (Maynard's wife). Jackson's interviews are thoroughly compelling, and she's always so intrigued (so thus we are too) by the authors and their books she brings to her Thursday evening show on WABE. There's a pleasant touch of Momma (Susan) Stanberg about her; she's warm and engaging, a true fan of the material she's inquiring about. You can tell Jackson's a lifelong reader. She really knows her Atlanta and music history too, as we discover here.

If WABE has any other compelling, original programming though, I've yet to hear it. Unfortunately, Between The Lines, a half hour weekly show, seems to be it. And that's a shame. I know they, and our tax dollars, can do better.

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