Thursday, March 01, 2007

Turdpolisher On Literary Fire

The Turdpolisher might be a mighty fine TV news cameraman down there in Louisiana, but his real talent lies in writing B movie-like literature. Here's a full-throttle sample:

Gerald watched the Warden waddle out of sight, then lay back on his mattress. He thought of the last time he saw Chastity, and smiled a heavy-hearted smile. She was a fine young thing, hair pulled in a big, blonde ponytail, short-shorts showing off the bottom of her tight, tanned ass, and a pink crop-top with “Tease” written across it in bubble letters. Like anyone who saw her would have doubted it.

He could see her standing in the dirt yard outside her trailer like it was yesterday, her sandaled foot propped on the tire of a dead Cutlass 88. Gerald traced the curve of her calf in his mind. Her skin was soft and smooth. He reached to hide the swelling in his crotch, just like he did on that day. She had a way of doing that to him…that bitch.

“Don’t be ashamed.”

“Who said anythin’ ’bout shame? I’m rememberin’ good times, Father.”

More here.

And TP hon, this post touched even my cold 'ole heart. Had to go get a hanky. Can you put the Valentine's Day package online for us to link to? Or send a URL to one?

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