Friday, March 30, 2007

Definition Of A Loser

I've been easily amused all my life. I will laugh, heartily, at just about anything. Always have, always will: Johnny Carson, Jeff Foxworthy, Jon Stewart, Lilly Tomlin, Madeline Kahn, Gilda Radner, Richard Pryor, John Cleese, The Cable Guy, Lewis Black, Graham Chapman, Flip Wilson, Gene Wilder... you get the point.

Heck, I thought Bush's jokes at this year's White House Correspondents dinner were freakin' hilarious. (Wonder who the writer was?) Arianna Huffington on Larry King Live last night was not amused, but that's beside the point here. (Karl Rove rapping however was hard to take.)

I'm not too easily offended either. I have a notoriously (for my immediate family) crude sense of humor not all of 'em share by any means. I once laughed my big ass off when, years ago, I chanced upon a homemade porn tape in a WSB camera, one likely made in a drunken stupor and then left there by a really really dumb colleague, then discovered the next day by me during a stint of misguided freelancing at that lunatic asylum. It never even occurred to me to "tell on him." I just handed the tape over to one of the budding film maker's buddies, assuring that the story of the homemade porn tape would circulate like wildfire around that juvenile detention center masquerading as a TV station. After watching it again.

But this promo for a book here was sincerely offensive to me. It was so simplistic, so crude, juvenile, coarse and just pathetic all around. Utterly devoid of any wit and cleverness. Just simply appalling, pathetic LGB: Loser Guy Behavior. As utterly average, as plebeian as Americans can be. And we wonder why foreigners not only hate us, but laugh at us behind our backs.

The worse part though is that it was touted, Twittered I should say, by a guy I thought, until now, was really seriously cool, a (previously) witty, honest, razor-sharp kinda guy. The kinda guy I'd love to have met-up with, if he wasn't married that is, and flirt about with a bit at, say... a conference or something.

Is this kinda TMI humor funny to other people? I'm sure it is. I just hope it's not the people I like and admire.

The big irony is that if the guy I do have a serious, real-time crush on was to ever post anything like this, admiringly, on his blog, well... the chances of him ever getting a blow-job from me would plummet to a needlessly frittered away -- absolute zero.


Sara said...

I think the more important question is whether the crushee actually thinks that way. Something you may never know...

Grayson said...

Yeah Sara, you're right about that, as usual. Begging the question, are crushes/efforts to forge good, sexual relationships with men just wasted time?

Sara said...

Oh honey that is a question I am just not in the right frame of mind to answer.

Let's just say that I strongly suspect if we could deeply see into the average male brain and how it thinks about sex and relationships, most of us single women would just give up altogether.

drjay said...

i guess its like the "3 stooges" that the wife hates but me and every other guy i know love--i thought that promo was pretty damn funny

newmediajim said...

drjay, nah... it just wasn't really that funny. Kinda made me cringe a little and I've talked my way into more than one blow job in my life.

Chris Brogan said...

Ah, but in the world of 'blog first, ask questions later,' perhaps you might want to know what I found funny. It was most certainly not the content. Instead, it was the notion of the campaign. It was the sense that someone somewhere thought this was brilliant, and convinced at least five people that they should shoot the film.

Further, the self permission of humans to throw themselves out there, Jerry Springer style, continues to tickle my dark side.

But then, with only 140 characters, I certainly didn't explain why I highlighted the piece, and probably didn't reflect my thoughts well.

I continue to be a fan of yours.

tribalecho said...

Have you ever read "Another Roadside Attraction"?

Besides Christ and the Catholic Church, it also teaches you about who deserves to have their love loved, and who doesn't. And isn't that what it's really all about?

I hope that's not too simplistic. But I think it's pretty universal.

camccune said...

One word: Eeuww!

Let's not over-analyze this...does it really matter what the "crushee" thinks, etc. To me, this piece is just mean and unpleasant. Instead of giving it a thumbs up, I'd label it a real four-finger gagger.

I agree with chris brogan -- what's funny is that somebody managed to convince at least a few other people that this was a good idea.