Monday, March 26, 2007

Media On The Verge

VON07 wrap up video
(or click here)

Wow... I can feel the VON energy and passion coming over the tubes with Jim's package about the (video on the 'net) conference. I actually feel hopeful, for the first time since I read Mel's remarks at least, about the future of new media. Gawd, I wish I had been there.

I'm so psyched for all the guys (shit, it was freakin' Guy World out there. No wonder I wanted to be there so bad) who were able to network amongst themselves. And I'm so proud of an old dog like Jim Long out there learning new tricks, and showing off considerable ones of his own to these young guns and new entrepreneurs too.

Awesome! Sign me up for Boston this fall.


Jeff Pulver said...

Looking forward to seeing you at Fall 2007 Video on the Net in Boston the week of October 29th.

Best regards, Jeff

newmediajim said...

I was told by some at the Senior VP level at NBC that the network was NOT a long tail company. As Shelly Palmer said at the conference, this is not a zero sum game. MSM will survive, even thrive, by feigning deference to "conversation" and "participation". We take up the slack in the long tail by creating the "lean forward" experience(what i'm doing right now) and giving people a stake in the creation of the content. Join Jeff Pulver's Video on the Net Alliane and be a voting member. The more folks like us that join, the more we control legislative affairs that make running with elephants a little safer. ;-)