Monday, March 05, 2007

Cherry Coke Zero

What's one almost sure-fire way to get me to try new (inexpensive) products? If I read an unsolicited thumbs-up for one on someone's blog. Then again, Cherry Coke has always been a Southern beverage staple.

Yeah PS, I too remember soda fountains, particularly the soda fountain at the Variety Store in Highlands, N.C. where you could get a real cherry coke, real being that they'd squirt the syrup in first and mix it with your Coke. And Coke floats too. I still love 'em all. Particularly with a shot of fine rum.

A real good, authentic soda fountain, kinda yupped-up though for today's rich people who are overrunning western North Carolina as we speak, exists on the main drag in Brevard, N.C.


Sara said...

If they make Vanilla Coke zero, I'm in I loved homemade vanilla cokes as a kid, we got them at the snack bar at the local pool.

Tania Rochelle said...

In Powder Springs, we had Cooper's Drugstore, where we could sit at the counter and watch them make our rootbeer floats and milkshakes.