Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Committing News Is Better Than Covering It

Here's a podcast of my Old Media session from PodCamp. Not my best. I was kinda hungover and just a little snippy. Imagine that.

My dear New Media Jim is out at VON committing small TV. Here's his coverage of VON. Amani's there too, who, last time I checked Jim's channel, was busy interviewing Jeff Jarvis. How cool is that?!

FYI... the search term Podcamp Atlanta was at #8 on Technorati yesterday. (Screen shot capture from Amber.) Just under SXSW and not far from Paris Hilton. But remember, it's not news-worthy for Atlanta until Cox Plantation says it's news. Currently, PodCamp Atlanta is #14 on Technorati's search terms.

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elementaryhistoryteacher said...

Wow, that's so neat-o (70s speak) that it made Technorati. I would love it if some of the attendees to podcamp submitted posts for the Georgia Carnival so that some of us techno-challenged folks could understand.

Rusty said...

I keep meaning to send something your way, but nothing has ever seemed appropriate. I've been enjoying the carnivals though.

newmediajim said...

Thank you for blogging about this! I've got some great stuff with Amani that I need to put together. My powerbook has betrayed me and, as we speak, is under the corrective hand of Disk Warrior. Fingers crossed.