Monday, March 05, 2007

Funk Yourself Silly This Friday

We all know how much the white folk over 35 typically hate hip-hop music. They hate everything about it, finding no redeemable features whatsoever in the music or the culture. But what about black folk? What do they think about living in a hip-hop world?

Well, my friend (old Home Depot TV days) and musician Chilton, who leads the ensemble funk extravaganza band TexBukSex (see video; they're playing Friday!) doesn't hate hip-hop; rather, he's enormously frustrated because he feels that blacks playing and creating in other genres of music, and there are droves, be it soul, rock, funk, blues, etc., are overshadowed and ignored in a hip-hop 'centric world.

Chilton's musical world with TexBukSex is as vibrant and funky and tight and musical and wild and danceable as it gets. I urge you to come out and see 'em this Friday at Emergenza Music Festival, because when you do, you'll not only be giving yourself a completely funked-out roarin' good time, you'll be supporting artists who are fighting against the tide of mass-marketed contemporary musical stereotypes.

Artists like Chilton want you to know they're out there. They're black and they're proud, and they're loud and sweaty and funky as it gets. So come on out Friday night to Midtown to support artists who need to be returned to their soulful, righteous place at the musical table!

Ladies and Gentleman... Chilton and TexBukSex:

Chilton and TexBukSex
March 9, 2007
@ The Vinyl
1374 West Peachtree Street


steven edward streight said...

I like rock, punk, folk, techno, ambient, ragga junglist wreckstep, industrial, noise, musique concrete, futurist sound generation, stochastic, 12 tone, avant garde, glitch-compose, computer, and soul music.

I hate all rap and hip hop, especially "gangsta" drivel pimp wussy derivatives.

Tom & Cheryl said...

Is this the same band that played at Apache Cafe last year at a sound level approaching 900db? Look, I like loud. I used to sit on the PA column at 688 Club to relax. But these guys were so loud you couldn't hear them. No one seemed to get into it due to the pain being induced. Which was a shame because there seemed to be something musically worthwhile going on way way under the sonic boom. But I left. I wish them well.

Grayson said...

Yes, same one. This venue Friday is a totally different one, with a different audio tech. Promise! That other one needed to be taken out back and shot I agree. Give 'em their second chance.

possum said...

Any relation to Alex Chilton?