Thursday, March 01, 2007

Open Letter To AJC from PJNet

Leonard Witt at PJNet has a strong, open letter for the AJC. Like they'll ever see it on a blog, Leonard. Get real. They're too busy sprinkling fairy dust, crafting the fantasy that they themselves, again, are the only source of news and information in this state, to deign to read a blog.

Here's an excerpt from the open letter. Full post here.

In the future, as advertising and news diverge, the audiences will have to pay more of the costs. Giving them great journalism will not be enough--that's a sad reality. However, if all of Picard's stakeholders -- advertisers, investors, journalists, consumers and society in general -- feel they have ownership in the paper, and are part of its decision making process, and if the paper and the community are indistinguishable, one adding to the strength of the other, then journalism, the AJC and all of Georgia will profit.

Getting there will require innovative thinking and trust in the power of collective thought, but the lesson of Linus Torvalds says that it can happen -- and as Microsoft learned -- if you stay too closed and don't trust your audience--then that audience will find someone else who will trust it and who understands the worth of community involvement and collective thought. Still it is not too late. Ask us all how we can help preserve a great news organization and improve journalism in this digital age, ask us all how we might get involved. You might be surprised at the answers we can collectively produce.

This post put together by R.E.M.'s Losing My Religion: "I think I thought I saw you try. That was just a dream."

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