Thursday, March 22, 2007

Bum Rush Friends And Family

March 22 is kinda a busy day to stop and think and do for others. Pray like a Buddhist too. My friend and neighbor, the incomparable Jenna Schuh (above photo), mom to Ava's BFFs Eliza and Gillian and wife of Dr. J, begins cancer treatment today for some form of lymphoma. We don't know much more about what kind of lymphoma this is until today's biopsy results are back.

I lot of you probably know Jenna too. As one friend said, Jenna was "ground zero" for the Athens, GA hipster scene in the eighties as she opened The Grit there then. Jenna and I met when we were simultaneously pregnant with our now-seven year olds, bursting at the seams quite literally with babies and new mom-to-be pride. She and Jonathan had just moved to Atlanta, two houses down from me.

My life, nor Ava's, has simply never been the same since! Her cancer diagnosis hasn't even really sunk in yet. I just know she's scared and frightened and worn down with stress and pain right now, drinking a lot of orange juice for some energy and listening to Lucinda Williams' latest.

Jenna hasn't gotten to the "Fuck You Cancer" phase of this yet, but all I can say is... cancer had better get the hell outta Dodge now. When Ms. Schuh sets her famous light and fury into it, I know she and we are going to come out on the winning side of this hell.

(Stefan getting Nigerian SPAM, so I had to remove his email address. Ooopps!)

This post put together to, what else, Mine Again by Black Lab. BRTC.

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