Saturday, March 17, 2007

PodCamp Atlanta Going On Now

PodCamp Atlanta 2007: I went, I video-ed, I talked, I networked, I ate my lunch, I yapped some more. Now I'm just darn tired. Need a nap. Why do all these conferences start so early, immediately after a long night of hard revelry whereby everyone boozes it up good together to kick things off? Followed by yet another evening, for others not on Mommy duty, of hard revelry.

Whatever....Amber did an amazing job organizing. She's got to be the most unpretentious, low-key 'tude super woman I've ever met.

Leonard decided to nix Big Media bashing in the middle of our session about Big Media. Seems Sherry caught it all. And I was just getting started with some great Big Media bashing. Party pooper. I'll know better next time how to take back my topic.

Picture streams from Josh (who gives fantastic opening talk, FYI. Wish he'd gone on longer this am) and from Mike. Some semi-live video weirdness from the Shelbinator. Liveblogging at various places I'm sure.

Takeaway: lots of bloggers like to smoke and drink. Should we get Big Tobacco and liquor sponsorship as these things grow? Definitely should be music features added to social media cons, as podcasting, blogging and vlogging all incorporate music at some point, and lots of music-related issues popped up at PodCamp Atlanta. Live music later in the evening too from participants in bands. Many many ways to expand these un-conferences throughout Atlanta/the community.

Bonus East Atlanta photo stream from Josh here. More later...

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newmediajim said...

"Ma'am are you qualified to operate that NABET video engineering device? I'm callin' Rebich!"

Souns like it was a cool confab. Hopefully we'll connect at one of these very soon.

littlepurplecow said...

Great to see you there. Let's stay connected.