Friday, May 11, 2007

Apprehensive, Nervous Mother's Day Weekend

Given that I spent last Mother's Day at Children's Hospital praying for the life of my precious, precious, sweet child while she endured unimaginable terror, hell, pain, trauma and emergency surgery, having had her perfect, heavenly face ripped apart by a dog belonging to very very stupid people/grossly irresponsible pet owners, I'm trying really hard to stay calm and focused (yoga, litergical comforts do help) on other things this weekend.

It's gonna be a little tough, but I can do this! (The pychological impact of witnessing such violent trauma to one's own child being still as painful, quite literally, and acute as it ever was.)

The case has just been settled, so I can now blog about dangerous dogs (and irresponsible pet owners) and how they terrorize and maim millions of our children every year. The ones they don't just outright kill that is. And yes, I plan to get down to it soon.

Please think about donating to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta for Mother's Day... given the numerous childrens' lives they save there every day.

But what about the grownups?


Talia said...

So sorry to hear about that tragedy. So glad she pulled through from it.

possum said...

From the pictures of your daughter that you posted recently, I must say she is a very beautiful and poised young lady. It looks like Mom provided the help and support she needed during the trauma.

MelGX said...

Grayson, I had no idea. How horrible for you both. Having met your daughter I'm even more surprised, but now understand her fear of dogs. I feel like a fool. If I'd only known, I would have put my poor sweet dog outside. Next time I'll know better.

Please try and make this the Mother's Day to reset. It's a wonderful day, and you should enjoy it. Your daughter is wonderful.