Monday, May 07, 2007

Buckhead Betties and Power Moms

I wish I had a picture... the route I take at least 2X a day through Peachtree Battle over to Peachtree, the one where I pass through on over to the other side of the tracks on the way home, must have more Buckhead Betties per square foot than any other piece of real estate in America!

The droves of ladies along the way are literally all highlighted blonds (like I'd know a thing about that), perfectly fit (sure wouldn't know a thing about that), jogging in the least skanky workout attire you will ever lay eyes on (not a ripped "The Only Bush I Trust Is My Own" tee in sight), and of course prancing alongside a Golden Retriever or behind a MacLaren stroller. It is soooo out of central casting, for some production I hear, that it's a genuine hoot.

I hope to snag some snaps or vid for you soon. Or tool along Peachtree Battle yourself for a stroll these fine spring days. But you gotta catch a sighting now. School lets out soon, and then it's off to St. Simons for the lot.

Sure gets hot and empty around Buckhead starting first of June.

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