Sunday, May 27, 2007

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Why do I do this to myself? Wake-up and turn right to the NYT Wedding section every Sunday? It's never a good thing when you allow other people's seemingly preposterous, yet quite real fairy tale romances to set that tricky-to-manuever winsome yet bitter tone for the day. Here's today's installment of "I Must Have Been A Hideous Person In A Previous Life To Be Stuck With The Cracker One I Have Now"...

The couple traveled to Biarritz to surf. “We would surf three times a day, have a big lunch, eat moules frites, and go back,” Ms. Mortimer said. And then, there was the light.

“It was incredibly cloudy,” Mr. Gaghan said of one evening the couple went surfing. “Then the clouds dumped two-inch raindrops, and the silver raindrops are backlit. And Minnie drops into a wave and disappears — the biggest wave of the day. She pops up surfing this wave, just flying, with incredible courage. Then she’s standing in the sand, holding her board, and behind her, from one end of France to the other, this rainbow appears. ”

Full torture here. Back to getting the hound dog out of the neighbor's dumpster for me.


Steve Garfield said...

Thanks for sharing that.

"Andrew C. Mead, who officiated, made an announcement before the service asking that cellphones be switched off. Gardner, the bridegroom’s 7-year-old son, and Betsy, his 5-year-old daughter, grudgingly acquiesced to the pastor's request, knowing that in some way the moment they were about to participate in was going to be important enough to stop following twitter for a few moments, and then led the procession down the aisle."

Coty said...

Great riff on the original, Steve. I think it says something that I had to go back to be sure I hadn't missed the kids with cellphones bit.

Grayson, thanks for sharing, too. Truly inspiring. After days of surfing at Biarritz, late lunches, and moules frites, those kids are ready for anything life can throw at them.

Grayson said...

You guys crack me UP!!!! What if they can't get first class back from the honeymoon? All hell will surely reign.

Timothy Moenk said...

Pure torture? The rainbow sounds to me like a foreshadowing of how things are eventually going to turn out. ;)

Yeah, that's how I cope.