Friday, May 04, 2007

Bloggers Rejoice Over 10th Congressional Race

While MSM can do what they want... ignore, pimp, hype, bury... but bloggers are loving the 10th Congressional race. Lemme just dupe over my own PP comment for 'ya here:

Just read the long winded but entertaining article in Metro Spirit. (Is this Augusta’s alt paper?) The dude might be right that MSM won’t bat an eyelash over the 10th Congressional race, but bloggers are sure loving it! Especially when you got a lipflapper like Jim Whitehead (R) spouting off about how his people in the 10th aren't interested in Iraq, only in illegal immigration. (Where did he get that dubious crystal ball from? A yard sale in Clueless Land?)

Heck, the 10th's the only political game in town right now, and political bloggers are the biggest addicts (voters too?) out there. We gotta get a fix some place.

You heard it here first… this election is going to be won or lost on the Internets. A first for Georgia. And I bet it’ll prompt a lot of political wannabee, hopefuls, hanger-ons and established old-timers to do stuff like… learn to operate a computer? Update their static, tired-’ole red white and blue websites? Start blogs instead of denouncing their value out of hand? Pony-up for some DSL? Explore social media and networking sites like Twitter and Facebook and YouTube and MySpace, etc.?

Weirder things (like Bill Greene - the one to now keep an eye on) have happened. Like MSM (led by the blogosphere) actually paying attention to a terrific political show, because guess what… it really is shaping up to be “special.”

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Amber said...

Yes, the Metro Spirit is Augusta's "alt" paper, inasmuch as such a thing exists. I shadowed a reporter there for career day junior year of high school and it disabused me of the idea that I wanted to be a journalist.