Saturday, May 05, 2007

Hunting Humans

There's a very fine line between protecting one's property and hunting people down here in Georgia now, thanks to legislation from State Senator Jim Whitehead -- yeah, the same dude who wants to represent you in the 10th Congressional. An NRA fantasy candidate by all means, but this case is not going to sit pretty on our TV screens.

Like most southerners, I'm all for responsible gun ownership, but there's something deeply disturbing about this Augusta case in which an aging homeowner lies in wait to shoot a 23-year old scrawny-looking woman who was stealing anti-freeze out of his garage. (Whitehead appears for a brief SOT in the WRDW package.)

Did the hunter-homeowner even yell, "Hey, young anti-freeze thief.... I'm going to now mow you down like I was out in the woods huntin' a deer!" Disgusting.

Ms. Walker's in critical condition today, Saturday. The shooting happened yesterday around 3am.

And this whole sorry incident looks like one for the 'nets already.

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