Thursday, May 03, 2007

Our Problem Child/Troll Boortz

I'm still convinced NRB is the real deal troll over there haunting John Sugg and co. This video popped-up in Daily Kos, so I'm sure more than a few will be clicking-on now. Can't say he doesn't have it coming, not that it bothers him in the least. As Boortz told the SGR, "So what's the worst that can happen? I'll have to retire?"

I actually overheard Boortz apologizing on-air for his personally unique level of, uh, de-sensitivity shown just after the VT murders. Like anyone's listening at this point, dude. Talk about crying wolf.

NOTE: Isn't it kinda sad that the AJC pays people to blog, but then won't allow them to post videos into their entries. Not even the YouTube videos that are a critical part of the story they're trying to tell. And they turn commenting on and off like it was a freakin' dishwasher. They don't even know how to operate their appliances. Pity.

One dude who does know how to operate a few power items is Rusty. Check out what he and Amber made together. Now that's how you satisfied a lady... more closets!


Vast Right Wing Conspiracy said...

I really hate to legitimize your blog with my presence, but I feel a correction is in order.

Try as you might to make a connection, I am not Neal. 'NRB' isn't even the initials of my name. I might be having lunch with the esteemed Mr. Andisheh Nouraee sometime soon which should put such speculation to rest.

You are dismissed.


Amber said...

I might be having lunch with the esteemed Mr. Andisheh Nouraee sometime soon which should put such speculation to rest.

Ooooooh!! He's going to be having lunch with Andisheh!!

Wait, what? Thanks for the non-sequitur, but I don't understand what, if anything, this theoretical lunch date is supposed to "prove."

Vast Right Wing Conspiracy said...

Well I think it would prove that I am NOT Boortz, which was my point. Airhead.

Grayson said...

Oh XXX WhatTheFuck... I do so wish you could be Boortz. What's wrong with a little mystery? This world needs more of that, not less. But why in the world are you having lunch with Andy Say and not me? I've always said, "The part of my job I do best is lunch." And I'm a hell of a lot cuter than he is.

Amber said...

Well, you know, I'm such an airhead that you're going to have to spell out how having lunch w/ Andisheh proves you're not Boortz. Unless Boortz is Andisheh's secret identity? Are the two never seen in the same place together?

The Artist Formerly Known As NRB said...


Ohhh jeezz...if you're gonna be such a GIRL about it I guess I can stretch out all the fun a bit longer. Especially since I really don't know why And' is so adamant about us doing lunch. Perhaps he wants to karate chop me for implying that he's a terrorist. As long as he waits until after dessert.

amber: Andisheh does have a secret Identity but I'm sworn to secrecy and patient/doctor confidentiality.