Thursday, May 17, 2007

Should Have Gone To Law School

Wow -- if I'd taken my Dad's advice to heart years ago, I could have ended-up with a gub-mint job! See, a long long hazy time ago, when in college, I first expressed an interest in broadcasting and production. My dad, who was quite close to the Pat Robertson family (with Pat's brother Tad, who lived here in Atlanta until his death a few years ago), very much wanted me to go to wherever Pat Robertson's TV ministry was and learn TV production (and some kinda "values" too presumably) there.

However, not being terribly interested in All Things Evangelical at the time, nor am I now or will ever likely be, I politely declined the generous and well-meaning offer from Daddy "O" to try and help me get a foot in the door of that kinda TV biz. Back then, being young and impetuous, and just stupid and stubborn a lot of the time too, I mostly wanted to go my own route, and according to my own ability, into secular news coverage.

Had I gone the Pat Robertson route though, who's to say... I might have ended-up at his law school, and thereby almost guaranteed a job in the current Justice Department! Weirder things have happened I suppose, but the weirdest of all is the tale of the Christian law school, Regent University, founded by televangelist Pat Robertson, "whose graduates have become influential in the Justice Department."

The whole story, as told by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Charlie Savage of the Boston Globe, was on Fresh Air yesterday. Listen here. Fascinating. Scary too.

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