Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Road To Tara

The older I get, and since I am Euro-American I suppose, the more I'm intrigued by Celtic and Druid, pagan history. A news story from Ireland about the discovery of ancient Celtic ruins re-kindled thoughts of frolicking with fairies in woods, with women as dieties. From

"A controversial plan to build a motorway through an Irish heritage site has come to a halt 24 hours after the transport minister turned the first sod on the project, following the unearthing of ancient relics on the site.

Archaeologists, who have been campaigning for years to stop the proposed M3 passing so close to County Meath's Hill of Tara, the ancient seat of the high kings of Ireland, were jubilant after excavators found the remains of an iron-age or bronze-age wooden henge, an extensive ritual site with underground passages." More on NPR too.

How close we southerners are to this bit of history, as even our recent converts to Catholicism touch-base with their pagan past by doling out the name "Tara."

This wonderful old YouTubing pagan goat brought an unexpected, delightfully thoughtful moment with his personal, very spiritual tale as well:

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