Friday, May 04, 2007

Careful What You Ask For -- #872

While surely the best of the political editorialista we have going in Georgia, I must take exception, as does Panda's Keeper, to Bill Shipp praising Maynard Jackson's backroom wheelings and dealings to get South Carolina on the early Presidential primary map. I wonder how Maynard could seriously have felt that South Carolina had much to offer (other than George W. Bush) to the future of the American political process?

But hey, I'm only from S.C. What would I know about who really runs the show 'round there? (Hint: it's certainly not African-American Democrats, most of whom live pretty darn meagerly, and at the very bottom of virtually any national ranking -- be it economics, education, health, etc. So do most of the the white folk, for that matter. Not a power to be reckoned with, needless to say. But you don't need me to tell you that.)

Republicans love 'em a good & paranoid, white, under-educated, manipulatable (is that even a word?) voter base though! How do you think we got all up in the W mess we're in now? Not without SC to get us there in the first place.



Shelby said...

Well, I'm just glad it's gotten the candidates to come down here and pay us some attention in the South. I'm tired of NH and IA wielding so much power.

Sid Cottingham said...

Of course I think the Dean hung the moon, and know he has forgotten more Ga. politics than most of us will ever know. But with regard to your comment, I do not think Shipp was praising Jackson; I think he was reporting a fact in the context of the Dem. debates that but for his reporting, would not have been known by his readers.