Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I Should Have Guessed!

One of my daughter's favorite DVDs is Barbie 12 Dancing Princesses. While I can't stand most of these animated Barbie offerings, this story is adapted from one of my favorite childhood Grimm Bros. fairy tales, Twelve Dancing Princesses, in which assorted princesses would sneak out at night and dance so much that their shoes would be worn to pieces by morning. (I could always relate to sneaking out at night to dance.) Of course there would be hell to pay the next day, but that's to be expected in fairy tales of any kind involving females.

Back to the point... I just love the voice-over work for the evil Duchess Rowena in Barbie 12 Dancing Princesses. (There's always an evil Queen/Duchess/Psychotic Control Freak character in any fairy tale, naturally enough.) Sometimes I wander the house practicing one favorite line, "Don't tell me your King has no monkey!" Ava says I sound exactly like the evil Duchess Rowena. What a compliment!

I finally remembered to look-up just who voiced the fabulous Rowena character, and it's the adored, beloved Catherine O'Hara from all the Christopher Guest comedies! Delightful...

"Don't tell me your King has no monkey!" Rainy day project: Make podcast of me being Catherine O'Hara being Duchess Rowena.

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dadlak said...

I discovered your blog by clicking "next blog" until one appeared in English. Thanks for this post on Catherine O'Hara, a favorite of mine since her days with SCTV--her best character there was talk show bimbo Lola Heatherton, who would howl at almost every man she met on stage, "I wanna bear your children!" As you mention, she's done a great job in the Christopher Guest improv comedies. My favorite was "Best in Show".

My days with a daughter your age were spent in the VHS era. They probably had Barbie videos back then but they never made my daughter's play list as I remember. I found a particularly awful series to be the "Land Before Time", with the cute little dinosaurs.

I don't know much about the New Media vs. Old Media war that you describe in here, but I am a Cox subscriber and I wish you good luck.

My blog (more sports, books and games related) is http://dadlak.blogspot.com.