Saturday, May 26, 2007

Why I Hate Folk Art

Sarawara's Tweet about her cat possibly being stung by a wasp reminded me of how I can't bear the sight of folk art. (Although I loved the movie June Bug, but that's another story.) The only time I went to Howard Finster's wacked out world 'o kiddie crayon art up there in North Georgia, for a news shoot circa 1988, the crazy MFer looked me in the eye and started raving some barely lucid lunatic babble about the Bible and harlots... then I got stung by a wasp on my left hand. (See photo.) I spent the rest of the shoot in a really bad, painful mood, then had to go find a doctor because my whole arm swelled up like a blister in the sun.

Paradise Garden my ass...

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Whirla said...

oh I loved that dress back in the day. I think I even got to wear it around for a brief while. Did you say 1988....that's almost 20 years ago. natch!