Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Small Minds At Large

Gawd, we grow small minds as well as we do peaches in this state! First Laura Mallory, then this here Prissy Mary. And all she saw was a couple of rinky-dink signs. She must have lost her invitation, and not only her cloistered mind, to Impeachment Weekend.

But not to fret and frown so, Mary hon. Soon it won't be just a few dozen yippies and hippies who want to "impeach" Bush. Looks like the United States military establishment might do all the heavy lifting for those icky dead beats. (Lordy mercy, will that f with Mary's head!)

NOTE ONE: At least when you Google "Inman Park Parade" you get an offering from a blog (this one) before you get something from Big Media. Guess the Inman Park Parade was way too "zany" to be considered good, visually-oriented LOCAL coverage for a LOCAL paper like the AJC, eh?

NOTE TWO: Is it just me, or should people who use the word "zany" in their copy ever be taken seriously?

Now get out there and send Prissy Mary a tee-shirt!

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