Thursday, May 24, 2007

Save The Date - June 7th

To all my ATL blogger peeps... please mark June 7th, two week from tonight, on your calendar. The Atlanta Press Club has... gasp... discovered social media. Weirder things have happened I suppose. Anyways... getting to the point here, I'll be moderating a panel of whomevers for this APC event that night, at the Commerce Club downtown I believe.

And yes, this is something of a Big Deal for me, and I REALLY need all my blogging bretheren there for support. (Besides, if only six people show for the event, I'll get really bummed and have to go get drunk or something.)

More importantly, MSM in the ATL need to not only hear about new media, they need to see it up close and personal. We have got to put an end to the this is a silly, unimportant trend that will surely pass mode of thinking by traditional media while we're at it.

So please plan to be there for this historic event on June 7th. I'll post more details as they become available from APC. Their forums usually start around 6-7pm.



Amber said...

I'll plan on being there! And I'll wear my "I'm Blogging This" shirt.

Who is on the panel?

Grayson said...

Oh yeah! I don't know who's on the panel yet. They're still firming that up. I'll post that info when they tell me.

Sara said...

I'll try but I may arrive late (work) and leave early (poker).

griftdrift said...


I'll even change from my overalls to my sunday go to meetin clothes.

Catherine said...

I'll try to make it. Remind us again... Congrats on the gig, BTW.

tribalecho said...

Yeeehhh. I'm off that night. Where do I get a "I'm Blogging This" shirt?